Save $180 on one of our favorite gaming laptops of the year

One of our favourite models from the last year, the Alienware M15 using Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU, is discounted on Amazon if you’re in the market for a new gaming notebook. Currently, you can find the m15 for $1,500, instead of.
While not as visually striking as the new”Legend” M15 model Dell announced partway through the year, the 2019 model is equally as effective at a machine. As mentioned, the model features an Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU, so you’re going to be able to enable ray tracing for fidelity that is graphical in matches such as Control. A display is also included by it with refresh rate. All your games feel and A screen with a refresh rate that is quicker will make both Windows and seem more responsive. Rounding out the package is a fast 512GB M2 SSD and 16GB of RAM.

Alienware M15 on Amazon – $1,500

Source: Amazon

Game Cheats and How to Use Them

Game cheats can be defined as a set of buttons or a password that can be entered to generate an event or outcome within the game. Frequently you will find that cheat codes lead to simple things such as adding ammunition to a weapon, giving a certain element, making it invincible or perhaps even completely […]

Japan’s Abe warns North Korea could fire sarin-loaded missile

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe warned Thursday that North Korea might be capable of firing a missile loaded with sarin nerve gas toward Japan. Abe, who made the statement at a parliamentary panel on national security, said Pyongyang may already be able to shoot missiles with sarin as warheads, the Associated Press reported. The U.S. […]

The One Shark You Should Always Ignore on ‘Shark Tank’

Before she was a ‘Shark Tank’ celebrity, Barbara Corcoran launched an empire and became New York City’s real-estate queen. Here’s how she did it–and why she hopes you won’t listen to her. The Power of the Press When Barbara Corcoran launched a real-estate brokerage in 1973 in New York City, she didn’t care all that […]

Scientists Say They Already Know How to Test the Theory of Parallel Universes

The existence of parallel universes may seem invented by science fiction writers, with little relevance to modern theoretical physics. But the idea that we live in a ‘multiverse’ consists of an infinite number of parallel universes has been considered a scientific possibility – although it is still a matter of vigorous debate among physicists. The […]

Zeiss Returns to Virtual Reality VR ONE Plus

The VR ONE Plus is the latest version of virtual reality headset for smartphones provided by Zeiss presented at this year’s E3, the video game trade show that once again held this month in Los Angeles, United States. And the major innovations are within the gadget, since the mark out keeps the materials making up […]

A Third of Humanity Does Not See The Milky Way Because of Light Pollution

A third of the world population – including 80% of Americans and 60% of Europeans – cannot see the Milky Way because of light pollution produced in developed countries by artificial lights. This is one of the main conclusions of a new atlas of light pollution produced by scientists from Italy, Germany, the United States […]

Mac Wins Desktop to Share with iPad

Apple announced on Monday (13) an update on MacOS –new name Mac OS X, the operating system of Mac– computers that includes the creation of a universal desktop for document sharing with iPhones and iPads. “For 30 years we have learned to put things we’re working on the desktop –then we will make the desktop […]

Harley-Davidson 100% Electric

It’s official: Harley-Davidson first fully electric engine will go on sale in five years, according to state officials of the US motorcycle brand, revered around the world for lovers of “two wheels” and known for its V- engine Twin air-cooled. With LiveWire project tests almost two years ago – some customers, journalists and testers had […]

Microsoft Will Buy Linkedin

The purchase of LinkedIn is just the largest ever not the Redmond company is also one of the most relevant technology sector, and despite the increasing importance of corporate social network, which has over 433 million members, showed markets some surprise. The initiative is a sense of Microsoft’s positioning strategy enlargement logic, that wants to […]

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