About Us

We are considered as the number one online news portal because we have been deeply dedicated to gathering and delivering news stories and events that are factual, timely, and accurate. Our news reporters, news media sources, affiliates and networks cover only the most relevant, comprehensive, and newsworthy articles in the local arena. We aim to provide news that impacts the lives of community members, whether individually or collectively, as long as we help community members grow.
What Are We Known For

Dailynewsx is known as the best source of local news. We are known for our unwavering commitment, dedication, solid goal and mission to educate and entertain people through our timely news articles. We provide fresh materials online, assuring our readers with only the timeliest and most relevant stories in the local scene. Our readers are rest assured that what they see on their screens embodies clarity, proximity, accuracy and freshness. Overall, we are renowned for our mission to inform, educate, and entertain readers.
Community as Top Priority

Since the establishment of our website, we have a mindset of prioritizing the welfare of our community. On top of informing, educating, and entertaining our audiences, we also ensure that we help them grow economically as the materials we provide will guide them towards their betterment and development.

Basically, the platform of our news website is based on the public interest. While we gather news articles, we strive in enriching and enlivening the lives of community members. We also aim to encourage community members to participate in life-enriching community events through the proper dissemination of fair information.

As a community-based website, our news sources, affiliates, and networks ensure that what we deliver and publish would affect the community members during their decision-making, whether personally, economically, business wise, and so on. However, we aim to help them grow into better, more productive and reliable individuals all the time. Thus, we guarantee human interest stories that are interesting, informative, and entertaining wrapped in one.
Diverse Topics and Areas

Since we are an online news portal, we gather and publish news articles that cover a wide range of topics and areas. We ensure that we touch the lives of people from different walks of life. Hence, we deliver light-hearted news, in-depth, offbeat, humorous, and so many more. We promise our audiences with enjoyable news articles, educational, informative, entertaining, off-the-wall articles every time they sit down and open their screens. In a nutshell, our website consists of flexible and diverse materials, besides the traditional reports and community events.
Convenience and Flexibility

As we strive to establish our online presence, we also take into consideration the convenience and flexibility of our services. We chose the web as the best medium in educating and entertaining our audiences, considering its convenience and flexibility. Readers can access our website anytime and anywhere through various tools from a smartphone to a desktop, tablet, and laptop, making our services as flexible as possible. Thus, our valuable public service can reach a lot of readers and audiences, not only in the local community, but also in other places.

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