Amazon Prime now available in New York: it’s time for revolution!

amazonprime Inc. on Tuesday expanded its restaurant delivery business to include about more than 350 local restaurants in New York, introducing the service the largest city in the country. This move brings Amazon restaurants to Manhattan, but will not include the most neighborhoods away in Nova York. The participating restaurants will be found in neighborhoods like Chelsea, Harlem and Financal Distritct. The duration of the delivery of orders to be about one hour, can sometimes last less, said Amazon itself.

The service is completely free as long as you adhere to Amazon Prime, which costs about $ 99 per year. The company has come to tell the public that does not intend to increase the price in the current online menu of every restaurant.

The measure will have a kind of pressure to all restaurants that have such active service, such as GrubHub, which already has services in the city of New York.

Customers of Amazon then, to use the Prime application can order through the phone company or visit the website, any kind of food from the restaurant’s menu, provided that the participant restaurant is included in the application navigation list, and can place orders, and check on delivery in real time. Through the portal of Amazon Prime, customers can also select the city where you want the order to be delivered for items such as groceries, electronics, health and beauty products.

On Tuesday last Thursday, Amazon took advantage and launched the service in Dallas, where the restaurants are already predisposed to have it delivered. This service currently is already present also in Chicago, Los Angeles and Portland.

Amazon has put an emphasis in recent years on quick-delivery services. In late 2014 the company first unveiled Prime Now, which started in just one ZIP Code in Manhattan.


Amazon Prime now available in New York: it’s time for revolution!
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