Apple Finally Looks Towards Podcasters: Competition is Fierce


Once upon a time, podcasts were not a mainstay in our media, and if you look back a mere ten years, then Apple wasn’t even looking to digital show space for audio content producers – and who could blame the company if people were only listening to their same old radio station every day of the week. Well, now Marc Macon, Stuff You Should Know and Serial, among other famous podcasters, are starting to put this media in the limelight thanks to their huge audience magnetism and the way they can focus on and attract a vast array of demographics.

Now, the late Steve Jobs’ former company – Apple – is talking to the podcasters and producers of podcast shows in order to define the future of the industry.

Apple is, so far, a dominant brand in the podcast space, but the industry’s players aren’t too fond of how the company has handled them in their business, which is something the firm is trying to mend, even more so now that Android has just released their own podcasting application to try and hit Apple’s monopoly.

One of the main issues the producers point out is the fact that analytics are scarce for program directors and that there isn’t enough information to podcasters to hit their target audience and reach what the chief executive of LSPN, Chris Morrow, says to be the endgame.

Now that Apple is no longer holding a monopoly, people will be looking to Spotify and Android to get their podcasts, which will undoubtedly cause Apple to show an interest for its users, even if by force, which may be what the company is trying to accomplish with their added attention.

Regardless, there are going to be more developments for podcasters in a short-time, so stay tuned.



Apple Finally Looks Towards Podcasters: Competition is Fierce
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