Apple invests in Chinese rival Uber


Tim Cook’s decision of investing in Uber’s Rival is being interpreted as a further step towards the realization of a project to create a car without a driver. “We make this investment for a number of strategic reasons, including the possibility to learn more about certain segments of the Chinese market,” said Reuters CEO of Apple, adding that he expected this to be an investment with “a strong return.” In a statement, Tim Cook pointed Didi ChuXing as “an example of innovation.” “We are very impressed with the business that built and the excellent leadership team and look forward to supporting them as they grow,” added the boss of the technology giant. Competitor application Uber transport, Didi ChuXing claims to be the owner of 87% of the Chinese market, covering 400 cities across the country.

The Chinese company has already announced that investment from Apple was the largest ever received. “There are many things that we can work together,” said the president of Didi ChuXing, Jean Liu when asked if he would help the technology giant in its relations with the Chinese government. Tim Cook is preparing a visit to China, and this visit is not unconnected with the fact that in April, the digital sales service books and Apple’s films have been suspended in the country, as part of a campaign by Beijing authorities to control the content shared and accessed by its citizens.

Several analysts have looked for this investment billion as another step towards the realization of a project to create an electric car, it seems driverless. Today transport applications such as Chinese Didi ChuXing and their Uber rival depend on hired drivers, a situation that has generated a number of legal problems in some countries. The possibility of the service of these companies now be provided in cars without driver could simplify the equation.

Apple invests in Chinese rival Uber
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