Apple iTunes 12.4 update solves a music problem


Apple has released iTunes 12.4 update at the beginning of this week, which has design improvements and some bug fixes. The improvements involve a drop-down menu (Media Picker) and a bar on the left that lets you view your music library in new ways. The biggest change is certainly the correction of a bug that prevents the music files to be deleted on the computers.

Apple Music, stream service that r iOS and Android / Mac / Windows, has been criticized for the way they deal with local music files. Last year, past Jim Dalrymple of The Loog detailed this problem to Apple, as were removed about 4700 of his songs. Dalrymple had their problem solved by communicating directly with Apple engineers.

However more recently the artist James Pinkstone had 122 GB of missing music. What really happened was that when you subscribe to Apple Music can remove files directly from your computer, whether in MP3 or WAV format. James Pinkstone said that “” If Apple Music saw a file it did not Recognize which can up often, since I’m a freelance composer and have many music files que I created myself-it would Then download it to Apple’s database, delete it from my hard drive, and serves it back to me when I wanted to listen, just like it would with my other music files it had deleted. ”

When the post went viral the Apple representative helped Pinkstone. What happened was that the bug deleted some files, but not all. By launching the new version of iTunes 12.4 “We have corrected these errors, because we know that music is so important for our customers and for our team. If a user returns to have this problem between directly contact AppleCare. “

Apple iTunes 12.4 update solves a music problem
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