Apple No Longer Offers iOS 9.3.2 for the iPad Pro


The new version of iOS has brought new level of security for all Apple devices. But what is known, the iOS 9.3.2 brought much more than expected, and is not good news. The problems that arose in the iPad Pro with this version of iOS were recognized by Apple and the company’s decision was help to be made available for these tablets from Apple.

Problems with Pro iPad and iOS 9.3.2 came immediately after the release that Apple made last week. When installed this new version, these Apple devices blocked after the start and did not return to work as normal, with the error 56. Customer complaints led Apple to investigate the problem and decide now that this version cannot be used by this equipment and was therefore withdrawn.

It is expected that in the coming days Apple will launch a new version of iOS 9.3.2 to correct this problem and can eventually be used by all iPad Pro. For users who have been affected by the problem, Apple is recommending that we make a connection to iTunes so that the recover equipment. It is known, however, that this solution is not to solve the problem and the equipment still blocked. There is still no information on how Apple will solve this problem at hand and even if the new version of iOS will be able to recover the equipment that, for now, do not work. This is not the first time that such a problem occurs. Recently, when released iOS 9.3, Apple had to deal with a similar problem with iPhones and iPads older and that was resolved with a simple update to this version of iOS.

Apple No Longer Offers iOS 9.3.2 for the iPad Pro
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