Apple’s Design Choice for the iPhone 7 Confirmed:


Apple will leave a lot of things in the iPhone 7 unchanged, even though it promises a lot of radical changes too, but apparently design is now going to stay the same to the previous version, and that seems to be definitive.

The French site that obtained earlier designs of the Galaxy S7, S6 and Note 5, as well as of the iPhone SE and 6S now did it again, this time revealing the schematics for the iPhone 7 (the site is by the way).

There are some good news and bad news to be revealed, so let’s get the bad news out of the way first so we can end this news post on a high note.

The bad news is that the design is identical to its predecessor, even right to the measurements in millimeters. The look is also the same and even the thickness is still 7.1 mm – the same as the iPhone 6S.

Another look at the schematic also proves that the iPhone 7 won’t have the dual cameras in it, but instead will get optical enhancements, as the cutout for the camera is larger than that present in the iPhone 6S.

On the other hand, one cannot see any antenna, and though it isn’t certain that it will disappear, many fans are now hoping for the removal of that unsightly band.

Will the device be faster than its predecessor was though? And how is the battery capacity?

The questions remain unanswered, but the iPhone 7 has a lot of pressure on it since it will have to reverse the company’s iPhone sales decline, which happened for the first time this year.


Apple’s Design Choice for the iPhone 7 Confirmed:
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