Who is Bitcoin’s Creator and Where are his Coins?

Craig Steve Wright was just your average Australian until last Monday, where he declared himself to be Bitcoin’s inventor, or the mind behind the very popular digital currency. The statement came after varied media players started to point the finger at the man for having developed Bitcoin.

If Wright is indeed the man behind these coins, then the question remains on the initial and substantial amount of the currency – where is it? Is it going to enter the market?

According to Craig Steve’s statements, he adopted the name Satoshi Nakamoto to create the currency, although some doubt that statement. Regardless, Wright gave some data, as well as encryption keys, as technical evidence to back his claims, and the encryption keys have been confirmed by the currency’s community.

The identity of the Bitcoin’s creator is hard to verify though, and even though there is a serious possibility of Wright being the mind behind the virtual currency, he showed no proof of holding the amount of Bitcoins presumably stashed by Satoshi Nakamoto – which goes up to about 450.000.000 US Dollars.

Barry Silbert, the CEO and Founder of Digital Currency Group, says that the only thing that matters is knowing how many Bitcoins are held by the alleged inventor and to find out whether he plans on selling them or not.

Wright added in a video, published by BBC, that he doesn’t care whether people believe him or not, and that he is not looking for fame or money, he just wants to be left alone. Needless to say we couldn’t reach Wright for comment.

Bitcoin has been named the currency of the Internet Age and its more unethical side, which comes with its popular use for money laundering, is questionable.

The price is also very volatile, and fluctuates constantly, as new bitcoins are made all the time or when regulations get tighter.

Who is Bitcoin’s Creator and Where are his Coins?
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