The bomb attack by a ISIS trio in Bagdad


A bomb trio made Bagdad shake on Wednesday, killing about 157 people with bloody attacks, claimed by the terrorist group Islamic State, confirmed a Fox News producer in the region.

Sadr City and Kadhima were the hit cities, according to the Associated express, yet there was another attack in the Sadr City neighborhood, where a car bomb destroyed a commercial area killing about 63 people and wounding about 85, then claimed by the ISIS attack.

The bomb hit an outdoor market causing tremors, creating several wounded are in serious condition, but the number of dead rise further, said the authorities. Four medical authorities have confirmed the death toll and at this point all employees have evacuated the place, talking to reporters on condition of anonymity due. Since last year there was not a deadly attack hit the Iraqi capital, where a massive bomber blew himself up. The extremist group is still able to launch more attacks across the country, also intensifying assaults by Baghdad, which the authorities say is an attempt to distract their losses on the battlefield.

The bomb attack came at a time when politically the government is in a deadlock, in which all of the work of the Iraqi government and parlament are paralyzed, adding to the complex set of country of military, security, humanitarian challenges rights, economic and human. Being one of the establishments belonging to an area that is home to about 2.5 million, the market in Sadr City sells a range of products from food to articles, clothes and other goods. When ambulances rushed to the scene, dozens of villagers crossed debris and destroyed cars, to try to help the victims. The street was stained with blood in many places, and some buildings were totally damaged. Smoke billowed from ground-level stores gutted out by the explosion.

The bomb attack by a ISIS trio in Bagdad
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