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Gas Powered Cars May Become Banned in Norway First:

Everyone has been wondering about when the shift towards electric cars will happen, and for some countries it will undoubtedly happen sooner than in others. Nowadays, Norway is approaching legislation that, if enacted, with make this northern country the first to shift from petro powered cars to electrically moved vehicles. Four major parties are in […]

Digital disruptions will affect relationship with technology, says Gartner

In recent research Cool Vendors in 2016, Gartner analyzed the digital disruptions that affect the relationship we have with technology. The study examined 456 profiles of Cool Vendors in 98 reports, mainly exploring the digitization and the Internet of Things (IoT, the acronym in English) to create the next generation of innovation. The data provide […]

Oil Industry Dwindles These Last 60 Years:

According to Morgan Stanley analysts accounts citing Rystad Energy, released last week, 2.8 billion barrels of oil were discovered in 2015 outside the United States, equivalent to one month of consumption worldwide. Including that country, the findings increase to 12.1 billion, also the lowest in 63 years. This was another consequence of the strong oil price declines […]

The wealth of Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is a rich man. Perhaps when Facebook started, he could not imagine being as rich as it is today: more than $ 50 billion in assets, which ranks as the youngest person among the greatest billionaires on the planet, with only 32 years. Most of this wealth comes from its shares in the […]

Wall Street on the rise with economic data and oil in the $ 50

The Dow Jones Industrial Average started the session on Thursday, May 26, to appreciate 0.17% to 17,881.57 points, accompanied by technological Nasdaq Composite that started the day advancing 0.13% to 4901.043 points. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index opened the session to gain 0.1% to 2093.55 points. With the performances of the last two days, […]

Microsoft continues to invest in mobile phones and fire 1850 people

Microsoft took another step to disinvest in the business of mobile phones. The company announced on Wednesday the dismissal of 1,850 people in the division responsible for Lumia smartphones – a measure which will have a negative impact of 950 million euros in the company’s accounts. The vast majority of staff cuts, which should be […]

French Police Investigate Google’s Office

French police began a raid at Google’s office at five in the morning on Tuesday (local time) in Paris, according to the newspaper Le Parisien. The attack involved five promoters, 25 computer experts, researchers from the French tax administration and central services for the prevention of financial corruption and tax crimes, revealed the French Attorney […]

Google’s Office Visited by the Police: Tax Investigation Raid

The French police has raided the tech giant’s offices in Paris this morning, on an operation that involves tax evasion investigation. The journal Le Parisien states that the operation began on Tuesday at 5:00 am and it had 100 officials involved. Reuters got the confirmation of the raid from France’s financial prosecutor’s office later. Google […]

Mobile Wallet To Be Launched By Wells Fargo:

The bank which is based at San Francisco is planning to announce on this next Tuesday that it will launch their Android app title Wells Fargo Wallet for customers to have on their phones, making them able to access a lot of features from their mobile devices. Studies point out that nearly 38% of the […]

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