In a very poor summary, which is incidentally unfortunately standard in this line that only the goodness of Business allows me to keep, Aston Martin and the Red Bull Racing Formula One team announced that they are working on the project with the code name “AM – RB 001”, which aims to create and produce a “hypercar” Aston Martin to compete in most circuit racing, but also a version of the same model “to attack the road”.For both brands, the concept “hypercar” contains a vehicle technology and performance never achieved, but also a car with a functional and aesthetic design ever created.

The project is led by Adrian Newey, Red Bull, considered the best designer of racing cars of Formula One forever, and Marek Reichman, the leader of the Aston Martin design department. In one of the rare points of communication campaign is wrapped in an epic tone, and even with a touch of imagination honest, the style Spielberg, Newey and Reichman say that there is a lot of staff both in the project. What they reveal is that the “AM – RB 001” may be the achievement of their personal and professional dreams, the design from the first stroke and produce a “hypercar” which revolutionized technology and automotive design, and it is both a historical reference and for the industry over the next decades.

Reichman said even recently, the idea is to develop a car that is “the ultimate fusion of art and technology.” Newey, in turn, share that for over thirty years makes sketches and drawings for a “hypercar”, but never had until now, opportunity to develop their ideas and concepts. If the project is developed and successfully, certainly that will shake the top car market, but more so the market investment in top vehicles.

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