BMW plans are revealed in iNext


Before you get excited, the image above is just the Next Vision 100, a car designed by BMW exhibited last March. The company currently focuses less on the past and in the future.

CEO Harald Krueguer adopted a more futuristic, after the meeting with shareholders in Munich, although the chief executive has been much prognosis, with regard to plans that BMW plans to bring the next decade. Krueguer describes these same short-term plans as “evolutionary and disruptive elements.”

After looking at the mistakes of the BMW i3 2013 Krueguer will launch in 2018 the BMW i8 Roadster, and do not plan to stick around, as it has in mind to launch a new BMW in 2021. The executive did not miss any details regarding the next car, just enough to let people completely agape.

“[The i8] will be followed in 2021 by BMW i NEXT” said Krueguer to shareholders, “New engine, autonomous driving, digital connectivity, intelligent lightweight design, whether inside or be outside, and finally electro mobility on the road.” What we noticed was a lot more upset speech to the self-driving stimulated for safety and legality. BMW had previously announced that it already had the necessary technology, but still lacks answer many questions and doubts of several shareholders that have left open.

“In 2011 BMW launched a car on the highway A9 from Munich to Nuremberg, without any person to drive”, he said to the audience. “Before these cars appear on the market we want to have the maximum possible security so that no problems arise in the future. Also because the appropriate legal framework for customers and manufacturers has not yet been decided.”

so he ended the conference, saying then that BMW can continue in the same style that has always had, competing once again the top-selling cars in the future.

BMW plans are revealed in iNext
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