The Cleveland Cavaliers Set an NBA Record with 25 3 Point Shots!

This last Wednesday night, the Cleveland Cavaliers had a game in which them, and especially J. R. Smith, did not fail as NBA saw its best shooting performance ever in a game that had them face the Hawks from Atlanta with a 123-98 victory with a huge barrage of three point shots hitting the nets coming from everywhere on the field.

Kent Bazemore, the Hawks guard, confessed to have been overwhelmed as the record book was being rewritten shot by shot.

J.R. Smith was the one with the most protagonism as he got seven three pointer shots, one without looking and one on only one leg. LeBron said Smith is the only one on the team with green light to fire from wherever he wants.

James confessed the Cleveland Cavaliers weren’t aiming to break any records, and that it all happened in a spontaneous and amazing way, and added that the team only started shooting for 3-pointers once the Jumbotron announced the past record had been tied, so the team started to attempt breaking the record, since they were so close.

Another thing James had to add is the fact that we doesn’t claim the team to be a 3-point shooting team, quite on the contrary, and he wants people to bear that in mind.

The team’s general manager Griffin built his four-time MVP crew he calls “designated snipers”, as Irvin, Love, Jefferson and Frye always shoot their rockets straight to the net these days.

The team reportedly felt they could do it when taking the shots, as Smith tells us he would look at his teammates faces before shooting, taking the risk instead of passing them as they were often asking.


The Cleveland Cavaliers Set an NBA Record with 25 3 Point Shots!
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