Conservatives Were Invited to Facebook by CEO Zuckerberg:


The CEO Mark Zuckerberg, from the social giant Facebook, invited conservative leaders to meet with him in Menlo Park, California, at his company’s HQ this Wednesday –as confirmed by CBS News.

Facebook was recently reported on Gizmodo as being biased on its Trending Topics page against conservatives, a story we covered on our portal earlier on this week and that Mark Zuckerberg now wants to prove wrong, as the meeting is part of his campaign to damage control that event – these reports were of course addressed by Facebook of being false.

For now, the confirmed attendees of the meeting include Dana Perino, former White House press secretary and Fox News co-host, Glenn Back, media personality,  Donald Trump’s senior campaign advisor Barry Bennett and the American Enterprise Institute President Arthus Brooks, as well as Zac Moffatt, Targeted Victory’s co-founder.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, stated in a post on his own network that the Trending Topics feature was made to highlight newsworthy and popular events and conversations, and that the guidelines are rigorous and allow no prioritization of a certain viewpoint, denying the supposed leak of their editing team favoring liberals.

The same post also added that Zuckerberg was going to invite conservatives and other political representatives to talk to him about this, enabling them to chime in on this and their points of view, so the platform can be as open as possible.

Glenn Beck, on the other hand, stated he looks forward to the meeting, saying that the tool, unlike television or radio, allows a personal connection that was never seen before, so it is vital that it remains unbiased.


Conservatives Were Invited to Facebook by CEO Zuckerberg:
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