DeepText in Facebook


Called DeepText and Facebook presents it as a textual interpretation tool that, according a blog posting the social network, will allow a more efficient filtering of content presented to users and an interpretation “almost human” from the context and intention that each publication, message or comment is written. With this tool, which is provided with artificial intelligence, the purpose of Facebook is to get the most appropriate results to searches of their users and provide relevant contextual options every interaction is made with that site. Confused? The tests are being conducted with the DeepText help to understand the real applicability of this tool.

“In the case of Messenger, for example, this tool is being used to help us understand when a person wants to go somewhere. The DeepText is used to detect intent, to help us realize that a person is not looking for a taxi when he writes, ‘I just got out of the cab’ instead of ‘I need a taxi.’ ” While it may seem a simple exercise, detection and automatic interpretation of a sentence as this was before conditioned by the word “taxi” that was read without equating the context in which it arose, can give the same answers the social network, regardless of which writing before or after the word.

The proper interpretation of messages like this can lead Facebook to suggest you a shortcut to call a taxi but only in situations where it really needs it. And no need to worry about jargons or semantic disambiguations because programmers prepared him for this. Contrary to the most similar tools currently do, “ber” and “brother” may be considered in the same word, although different in form, explains the Fecabook team.

To make your most relevant actions, DeepText also has the ability to extract the identity of the author of publications analyzes, be it a person, place or event and thus become more efficient in removing inappropriate content and spam, an area the social network also revealed some problems.

DeepText in Facebook
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