Digital disruptions will affect relationship with technology, says Gartner

Cool Vendor

In recent research Cool Vendors in 2016, Gartner analyzed the digital disruptions that affect the relationship we have with technology. The study examined 456 profiles of Cool Vendors in 98 reports, mainly exploring the digitization and the Internet of Things (IoT, the acronym in English) to create the next generation of innovation. The data provide unprecedented opportunities to explore new business models, reduce insights cycles and get results.

According to Gartner’s definition, Cool Vendor is a small company that offers a technology or service that has innovation, allowing users to do things they could not do before; impact with technology that has or will have an impact on the business, not only is the technology itself; and instigation that has aroused the interest of Gartner during the last six months. “So far, the results of the digital revolution have varied. In some cases, as with the IoT, advances have caused significant changes in both technology and business. At other times, the scan has been more difficult to stand out, “says Darryl Plummer, vice president of Gartner.

The executive adds that with all the new customer data being generated and collected, companies are struggling to understand the boundary between a personalized experience for the customer and they feel that their privacy is being invaded. “This is just an indicator that the shift to digital – or” DigiFlip “as it is called – is not a simple change, but a relationship of digital and non-digital opportunities,” he says.

To reduce the digital concerns, it is important to distinguish between three types of innovation that occur periodically, according to Gartner: features (features), fashions (fads) and breaks (disruptions). When a supplier adds technology capabilities to a new product, it can often stimulate changes in the way in which this technology is used or applied.

Microsoft cites Gartner, has added new tools each year in its Office suite. Although not all of these resources are used by customers, the variety has helped to consolidate the Office as leader. When viewed from the perspective of change, the changes caused by cumulative addition of resources are not disruptive, but evolutionary. Disruptions, particularly when digital, cause a major change in the quality or essence of the object. They have a longevity that surpasses the excitement phase of a fashion and impact both issues closer to the distant.

Digital disruptions will affect relationship with technology, says Gartner
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