Donald Trump: Facing Heavy Resistance!

Donald Trump’s facing some resistance from the inside as some party luminaries were thinking about the potential of a 3rd party bid while others said they would skip Trump’s nominating convention.

On the other hand, senior lawmakers pondered on whether to endorse him or not this Thursday.

Paul Ryan, House Speaker, stated he isn’t ready to support the candidate yet, as he rose to the position of the highest elected Republican to show his concern about Donald Trump, as he added to CNN during his interview that he wants the candidate to unify the party’s wings and have a campaign that allows voters to have something they’re proud to support and be a part of.

Oppositely, Donald Trump declared he isn’t ready to support Paul Ryan’s agenda, adding that he hopes they can work together in the future, or agree what’s best for the people that have – according to Trump – been treated badly for a long time by politicians.

GOP shows a growing split since the Republican Rivals have been put out of the White House run in Indiana, as Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney haven’t declared their support to Trump yet, and reached by CNN none said they were planning to go to the Republican Summer Convention.

Regardless, Trump still netted some allies in the race, such as the ex-Texas Governor Rick Perry, once his rival in the 2016 race.

Perry supports his choice to endorse the candidate by saying that even though he is not perfect he loves his country and will surround himself with capable people who will listen.

Only these next few months will tell whether Ryan will be coronating a nominee he doesn’t officially support in this Republican National Convention, but one thing is for sure, they don’t appear to be on the same page, politically speaking.

Donald Trump: Facing Heavy Resistance!
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