Dutch university announces first robots to procreate


A group of researchers from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, ensures that could make science fiction into reality. As? Building robots that are able to “love” and procreate. The children explain, “born” through a 3D printer that prints the modules that make up the baby robot from the genetic material of the parents, for exmaple, the code and the hardware shared by both.

It took a year and a half until Guszti Eiben, responsible for the Dutch university project, and his team, succeeded robots fulfilled: the cycle of life from birth to reproduction. “This breakthrough is an important step towards industrial development and can play an important role, for example, the colonization of Mars,” the statement said announcing the project’s success.

It starts in practice, with two modular robots – are not humanoid – able to move and which are “trained” by scientists to move to a red light. The two that make the path more quickly can contact with each other and assess whether they are compatible, through various “romantic encounters”. If they decide to procreate, use the wi-fi to submit its genetic material – that is, code and hardwarecom that work – for a 3D printer, and awaiting the birth of “baby robot”.

During the process of reproduction, parental characteristics are combined at random, including software – the brain – and hardware – the body. After the “birth” – the impression of the baby robot – the newborn goes through a period of learning that, to succeed, will allow you to become an adult and eventually, the father of another robot. The project leader stresses: “Robots that evolve can adapt to their environment and deal with unforeseen situations The bodies, brains and behaviors are constantly tested by the environment and useful features are amplified in future generations This technology opens up new perspectives for robotics, artificial intelligence, space research and even biology. “

Dutch university announces first robots to procreate
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