Eurovision: Ukraine wins new edition


Ukraine won the second time the festival Eurovision calling for peace. The final of the 61st edition of the event, where Australia was one of the surprises of the evening, held in Stockholm.

What has changed this year was how to present this result, until last year was made a simple average between jury and public and was given the final result of the country points to the country.

This year were separate jury and the public, the jury of each of the 42 countries presented their results of the top 10 and score. Then the points given by the public were revealed accumulating all the points that each of the 42 countries gave each country.

Since won the 61st edition of the Eurovision song the favorite subject of Europe was “1944”, played by Jamala: a theme that calls for “peace and love” in the world. The last time Ukraine won the festival was in 2004.

Interestingly, in the second place of this event which took place in Stockholm, Sweden, it was Russia with the theme of Sergey Lazarev, “You Are the Only One.” Australia completed the podium, with Dami Im interpreting “Sound of Silence” but the highest place was the same for Ukraine.

The purpose of the third place in Australia, it is noted that this is the only country competitor that does not belong to the European Broadcasting Union, despite having broadcast the event during his last 30 editions, reaching on average 3 million people. So Australians were invited to the last edition and this year, returned to compete.

After the two semifinals during the week, a total of 26 countries (20 established in two rounds, the host country, Sweden, and the five fixed competitors – UK, Spain, France, Germany and Italy) have shown their songs to the competition in the final of the event.

This was the first edition that featured an exhibition live in the United States. Perhaps for this reason, the final of Eurovision said even with the live performance of the North American Justin Timberlake, who sang his new single “Can’t Stop the Feeling”.


Eurovision: Ukraine wins new edition
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