The Face-Off Between Trump and Clinton: The Year of Dislikes!


The country just got to know that Trump is on for the race when the voters gave the edge to Trump in Indiana, and most likely than not we’ll be seeing a Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump duel, which polls show the majority of voters doesn’t appreciate.

There aren’t any precedents for elections like this in the United States as Hillary isn’t much liked and Donald Trump even less, facing numbers of negative ratings that are similar to those of Barry Goldwater earlier on in 1964.

Senator Ben Sasse states that, throughout the history of polls, never before has the United States seen any candidate that is viewed negatively by half of the voters, argument which he used to ask anyone at tall to run as a third-party since he claims the leaders are so unpopular anyone could beat them, even “dumpster fires”.

As far as those specific numbers are concerned, Hillary Clinton has an unfavorable rating of 55% while Trump has a roaring 65%, according to the averages traced by RealClearPolitics.

If you speak to any of the supporters of any said candidate, they universally hate the other one, but the biggest pool of people are even on the fence on whether they should partake in the elections or not.

One voter in particular, when asked about the elections claimed he had voted for Obama in the last election, and stated he rolled his eyes when Trump became a candidate, but that some time shortly, he joined the republicans just to support Trump.

Regardless of all of this, the year will have two widely negatively perceived candidates in a face-off, if everything remains as it is now, and only time will tell what the result will be, and whether the United States will bother to participate in the election or not.

The Face-Off Between Trump and Clinton: The Year of Dislikes!
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