The False Discover of The Lost Mayan City: Teen Problems or Teen Promise?


There are several situations when a good story is unveiled, and happens to find that in fact the story is not so well told, especially when it was told by a teenager. Recently a 15-year-old kid, William Gadoury, of Sain-Jean-de-Matha, hypothesized that the Mayans could have built their cities aligned with the constellations. By inventing this theory, he found that many of the cities seemed to be lined with bright stars, but there was something that was not right, because apparently lacked a constellation in the agreement. When Gadoury made the Canadian Space Agency turned the satellite to that remote area, he saw what looked like structures made by human hands.


The teenager discovered a new planet in its third working day

His enthusiasm was huge and it really created a nice experience. But is that really we can conclude by these informal discoveries? Not really. The news became viral on Tuesday, but there is a reason why we have not covered this story: An in-depth investigation is needed to be done a formal study (which need to be reviewed by experts), so we can conclude that his investigation is really the truth. What proved after its “discovery” was the skepticism of many specialists. For starters, the idea que matching up constellations to cities; taste Mayan intent might be misguided.

Wired Sarah Zhang came to tell the public that the apparent correlation between constellation and cities may have been made at random, because it is not known that stars the Maya may have grouped into constellations, which makes the relationship between the modern star maps and the planning’s of the Mayan cities increasingly doubtful. And what about the weird square-ish structure? Well, that according to the special agency, was man-made, as a recently abandoned field.

The False Discover of The Lost Mayan City: Teen Problems or Teen Promise?
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