The Finland brand Nokia, will live again!


In 2014 Microsoft to undo the agreement with Nokia put selling his share for $ 350 million, and on Wednesday will be laid off about 4,500 employees because the FIH Mobile (Chinese company) and overall HMD (Finland company), just to buy.

The HMD will Nokia phones using Google’s Android software “By joining one of the most iconic brands in the world of phones with the leading operating system, we are creating a new high-end mobile phones,” said Finland’s Nokia Technologies.

The HMD has exclusive rights for 10 years to sell mobile phones and Tablet with the Nokia brand. HMD’s CEO-to-be is Arto Nummela, Nokia former exec who now leads Microsoft’s mobile business in Asia, the Middle East and Africa and its lower-end feature phone business, Which includes Asha and Nokia-branded phones.

“Let’s get focus on creating a unique range of mobile phones and tablets that will resonate with consumers,” Nummela said in a statement. “The brand has become a critical difference in cell phones and why this business model is focused on the unique assets of the Nokia brand, and in our experience in sales and marketing.”

The last few years have been difficult for Nokia and for Microsoft, the two giants have lost much of the influence they had on consumers, making room for Google to Apple ascend over its allies.

The HMD will pay about $ 20 million for the rights to phone feature marks and design, said a representative of Nokia, while the FIH will pay about us $ 330 million for the installation of manufacturing and sales network and distribution. Microsoft agreed to acquire Nokia’s business in 2014 in an effort to try to overcome the iPhone and Samsung brand. But the movement failed to review the effort. The cell phones with Microsoft Windows now remain a rarity, since 2015 Microsoft has fired thousands of functionaries, its telephone division. However, Microsoft will continue to develop cell phones with Windows Mobile 10 for the Lumia brand. And will continue to work with its manufacturing partners, including Acer, Alcatel, HP and Vaio.

The Finland brand Nokia, will live again!
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