Firefighters Wish for Rain in Fort McMurray Alberta:

The extremely dry conditions in West Canada were helping the wind gusts feed a huge fire early this Friday, and the officials already warned that the locals, who were evacuated, can be out of their homes for days or even weeks.

The fires have made over 88.000 people evacuate and already claimed over 1.600 buildings. The last we heard from the local media, authorities were trying to get another evacuee convoy out of the region.

As far as the extension of the fire is concerned, it has burned close to 328 square miles, and the firefighters are putting up a vigorous fight against it, though they claim the fire could spread even further.

Officials have asked for patience from the locals, who had to be evacuated and are now desperate for some information, and they add that the damage done to the community is pretty big, as the city is not even safe right now.

Only speculations can time a return, as evacuees will now have to wait, and it won’t be hours but much more time.

Involved in the firefighting effort are 145 helicopters, 1.110 men and 22 air tankers.

The municipal fire chef Darby Allen claims that even though the beast is still raging there, so are the firefighters ready to fight it.

During Thursday night, 49 fires were raging, and seven of them spiraled out of control, which was partially due to the lack of rain – rain that is nowhere to be seen on the next days’ forecasts.

The cause of the fire is still unknown, though Allen claims that they can’t extinguish it and that rain or cooler conditions are what they need to be able to do something.

According to Reuters, the main highway through the city will be briefly open to let people evacuate towards the south.


Firefighters Wish for Rain in Fort McMurray Alberta:
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