Flash Being Blocked by Google: Chrome Users Will Have a Block on Default


Chrome is really going to have nearly everything displayed in HTML5 as now its mother Google decided to block Adobe’s Flash content out as a default for its browser.

Now, the plan revealed by Google as the “HTML5 by Default” approach, will have flash content blocked but still pack Adobe’s flash player, only keeping its advertisement on the non-default zone.

On the other hand, a website that offers both flash and HTML5 versions will always have the HTML5 version shown, but sites that have no other layout but flash will get pop ups to notify the user as soon as he or she arrives, prompting them to activate the plugin or declining the plug-in’s run request.

If the user does approve Flash running, the web page will automatically reload to show the content and advertise Flash Player. If the user declines, it seems that the request will be respected for future visits as well, although Google is working on this to avoid users having to clear their cash if they pressed the decline option by accident.

Rich media now seems to be on the decline on the Internet, losing ground especially for HTML5, as Google emphasizes that HTML5 makes for faster load times and lower energy consumptions. The Flash Player’s platform is also extra vulnerable to threats when comparing it to its main competitors.

There was a white list of sites announced already in which flash will be displayed by default, and among these sites you can find Amazon, YouTube and Mail.ru – although the list is due to be updated regularly.



Flash Being Blocked by Google: Chrome Users Will Have a Block on Default
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