Forces of consumer technology that revolutionized the workplace


There is no doubt that pioneering brands transformed our personal life with digital technologies and are now also turning our professional life. A recent survey by Avanade found that 72% of company directors believe that the traditional office one day become obsolete. “Employees are accustomed to having experiences digitally enhanced as consumers, and now require these same experiences in the workplace. With the war for talent, companies need to meet these new demands to attract and retain the best people, “says the provider. The company identified four trends in consumer technology companies should adopt to make their workplaces more productive and attractive to employees.

  1. Instant gratification. Social networks connect people instantly, consumer sites deliver what you want, and drivers Uber come to get you in a matter of minutes, at the touch of a button. Similarly, employees expect to have solutions to IT problems in a matter of minutes, not days; and have access to the information they need, when they need it, on any device.
  2. More power. Technology has given more power to the people, and the Internet seems to have the answer to any problem and all we surveyed it. However, in the workplace, things are different. We constantly need the IT department becomes involved even in the simplest problems. Still we do not see the IT self-service prevail in the workplace.
  3. A simple and enjoyable user experience. The consumer technology offers intuitive interfaces, but digital tools in the workplace often difficult to use, with old designs. According to a survey by Avanade, 75% of respondents said that new technologies create more work for employees and require them to learn new skills. Companies need to apply a focused approach to design centered on people and focus more immersive experiences, allowing an engagement between users and machines that enable gestures, tactile commands and voice.
  4. Options. Digital technology is able to offer new capabilities, behaviors and processes for both employers and employees, but it is necessary to understand the experiences your employees may prefer.
Forces of consumer technology that revolutionized the workplace
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