Fossil of largest and oldest ever recorded bird is found in Antarctica

pelagornis sandersi,

Researchers from Argentina found near the Marambio base in Antarctica, a fossil of a copy of a corresponding bird to the Eocene (34 million to 56 million years ago) that guarantee to be the largest and oldest known bird, the government from the country. “It is a bird of more than six meters in wing span, the largest and the oldest of which has record”, he said on Saturday (21) the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The specimen is a Pelagornithidae family bird, discovered by experts of the Argentine Antarctic Institute, National University of La Plata, the Natural History Museum of Pampa Province and the Natural History Felix de Azara Foundation. The Ministry pointed out that the discovery of a bone from an incomplete wing during the Antarctic campaign 2014 facilitated the review of all Antarctic pelagornítidos known hitherto, which allowed for a “considerable” progress in the knowledge of the diversity and evolution of this group of birds whose extinction occurred 3 million years.

Marcos Cenizo, director of the Natural History Museum, said the length of the piece found “is greater than the pelagornis sandersi, which is the largest pelagornítidos what was known so far.” According to the study, this group of birds that came to spread around the world shortly after the extinction of the dinosaurs had wings that allowed him to travel long distances, and their light bones made possible that caught height advantage of the air currents. For 50 million years, according to the latest research, started a period of warming sea temperatures which caused a high biological productivity of Antarctic seas.

Therefore, pelagornitídios and penguins would have had enough food to be able to develop such large sizes, said the Argentine state agency “Télam.”

Fossil of largest and oldest ever recorded bird is found in Antarctica
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