Fresh Beef in McDonald’s Mind


Instead of frozen patties, was seen to eat fresh meat every day at McDonalds? Well, the company at this time walking to conduct tests in about 14 Dallas restaurants, creating burger made from fresh meat, reported Lisa McComb, a spokesman for the company.

In due meat test is used in pounder quarter, including block cheese and double cheese, bacon and home clubhouse burger, regional products that are only found in Dallas.

The already happening since November, the test is something completely new, as usually serve burgers made from frozen meat.

Said “flash frozen” is “When the meat is fresh soil and then is quickly frozen to seal the taste fresh” the company says on its official website.

According to the flash frozen company are sealed, and two to three weeks later are then grilled in restaurants.

Being the process still in tests, the spokesman came to say that one cannot consider this as a measure to be taken in the future, or if that fresh meat becomes an ingredient permanently at McDonalds menu or that will expand to other restaurants, since nothing guarantees that this system can work 100% in all the company’s restaurants.

The McDonalds like to perform certain times some experiences in their menus to make the taste of the region. The example given is the Gilroy Garlic Fries, which are sold in San Francisco restaurants.

The company is yet to be a breakfast low calorie menu in about 800 restaurants in Southern California, using egg whites, Chobani Greek Yogurt and cabbage.

Wall Street, however, seems to love, as the McDonald’s shares rose 10% last year, reaching an even higher point, and profits increased by 35% in the most recent quarter, thanks to the creation of the breakfast menu.

Fresh Beef in McDonald’s Mind
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