Gas Powered Cars May Become Banned in Norway First:


Everyone has been wondering about when the shift towards electric cars will happen, and for some countries it will undoubtedly happen sooner than in others.

Nowadays, Norway is approaching legislation that, if enacted, with make this northern country the first to shift from petro powered cars to electrically moved vehicles.

Four major parties are in favor, according to Electrek, and if the legislation is enacted then the ban will happen on 2025.

However, it is only ironic that Norway is one of the biggest oil producers and the world’s 3rd largest natural gas exporter country, in which these resources represent 39% of the total income from exports.

Regardless, it isn’t such a no-brainer that this Northern Europe country is one of the early adopters of electrically powered vehicles.

One of the reasons justifying the sentence above is that these exports from Norway are going to other European powers like France and Germany, who use them to power up factories, homes, offices and power plants, and fueling vehicles isn’t close to the resource’s primary use.

On the other hand, the Netherlands are also having some proposals that aim to stop fossil fueled cars, and even India is thinking about installing an all-electric car fleet by the end of 2030.

The best chances for all of this to happen, states Electrek, still lay on Norway’s shoulders, and gas car sales would be halted there first if the laws are enacted.

It is worthy of mention that 24% of Norway’s vehicles are already electric, and that this isn’t a new concept for Norwegians to face, since they’re becoming quite used to these vehicles.

Only time will tell if the measure will be enacted, and if other countries will follow Norway’s lead after.



Gas Powered Cars May Become Banned in Norway First:
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