Google announces YouTube version for virtual reality


Google announced on Thursday, 19, the creation of the YouTube application for your VR virtual reality platform based on the Android system, known as Daydream.

Presented at the Google I / O, its annual developer conference, the focused application for virtual reality devices will offer, from compatible smartphones, content in common and 360 videos available on the site.

“We are creating the VR YouTube app to provide an easier, more engaging to find and experience the virtual reality content on YouTube,” said product manager YouTube VR, Kurt Wilma.

The videos will be displayed in a floating window, where they can be triggered both by voice and through the use of peripherals such as a keyboard or joystick. The platform will also offer search by voice content, facilitating the user experience:

The application is only available for smartphones using the Android operating system N, which will be made available by Google in the coming months. For now, the company confirmed partnership with manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Asus and Alcatel, to produce devices with support for Daydream and therefore compatible with YouTube VR. The company did not say whether the application will have compatible version Rift, virtual reality goggles Facebook, or with iOS and Windows Phone operating systems.

Wilma also spoke about the application interface, saying that otherwise Netflix or Hulu who wanted to “emulate virtual cinema”, the VR YouTube offer only a dark background, as some users tend to have eye strain in an environment with many details.

The new application should further stimulate the already growing VR device industry, that every day, shows several possible uses in various fields

Google announces YouTube version for virtual reality
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