Google Begins to Manufacture the Chips Themselves


Google entered once in the hardware world and has begun manufacturing its own chips. Upon entering the market where reigns is Intel computers, and Qualcomm smartphones, the intention of the search giant is going to focus on itself both the software and the physical components of products launches.

The change began with the first chip developed and manufactured by Google for use in artificial intelligence. machine intelligence is a key focus of the company at the time, applying technology in its flagship product, the search engine, but also in new efforts like the recently released Google Assistant.

It is an initiative that aims to make the Google AI still smarter, while saving as much energy. The chip already has a name and surname: The Tensor Processing Unit, or simply TPU. According to the owner of the Android, this is the best hardware ever made for artificial intelligence, which aims to draw attention of developers who want to take advantage of the technology for their own applications.

Google does not compete directly with Intel, Qualcomm or Nvidia in the chip market. But to start manufacturing its own hardware, the Mountain View company can generate indirect unfair competition. As it offers computing cloud services to companies around the world, the trend is to attract more and more customers from other chipmakers for your business.

In smartphones, the presence of the TPU is already in the voice recognition of Android devices. And in the future, chances are great that the processing is increasingly done in the cloud, more specifically, in this case, in the Google cloud.

For now, Google’s new chips are focused on machine learning, and do not replace common CPUs present in cell phones and computers. However, the largest investment in chip manufacturing may indicate a shift of no return to the world of hardware – in the future, nothing prevents the company is not only known as the search giant.

Google Begins to Manufacture the Chips Themselves
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