Google Home: Alexa, you’re prepared for the big announcement?


It was announced that a Google team is developing a device known as “Chirp”, which will be launched as one of the competitors of Amazon Echo. The device will incorporate voice assistant and Google search, similar to that of Alexa Amazon Echo does.

Rumors claim that the device will not be part of the next conference of Google, but the newspaper New York Times has already confirmed that the hardware will actually be displayed on the event and to be called Google Home.

Google Home, the company’s entry into the voice-activated smart home device market, will be able to answer questions asked by users and is capable of carrying basic tasks in October.

It is said that the device will be released in the fall season, confirming the previous report that it will be released within a year. The device’s initial announcement in I / O Conference will probably serve as a warning to the popular Amazon Echo, released less than two years and has sold about 3 million devices. In addition, making developers aware of such an upcoming device Could have Them start creating software to go with Google Home so que They will be ready once the hardware is officially launched.

This type of technology from Google has been much waiting, and his presence at the conference will certainly leave very excited enthusiasts. The OK Google voice assistant has long been making the lives of Android users more convenient, but Google has not yet brought the technology into a smart home device.

Google Home will compete with the current Amazon Echo, which is constantly updated to add more and more features. One of the features that is to come is the possibility of finding lost items, with an investment from Amazon for about $ 250,000 to $ 500,000 a technology company called bluethoot Trackr.

Google Home: Alexa, you’re prepared for the big announcement?
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