Google Instant App


Imagine using an application without necessarily having to download it on your smartphone. It is one of the big news for Android N, but what they mean Google Instant Apps that allow us to run apps not installed? That’s the idea behind the Android Instant App, technological novelty announced by Google in its latest annual developer conference, on Wednesday. The solution is not pleasant: or mobile sites loaded with trash, or a smartphone full of apps that we misuse. Of course data connections alternative may be more or less expensive depending on many factors, but appears to be a decisive step to end the waste of many sites.

Android Instant will allow users to use applications without performing downloads, simply just go to a link that will be given. This makes mobile applications to function as the web. Browsing the Internet, if you click on a link, it will be taken to a page without having to install any application.

According to one of the company’s employees, the service comes to change the online store model that has been so lucrative for Apple. Also according to this source, heard by Business Insider, the goal is to end the traditional model of app store.

“They are trying to replace it and return to the web model, where they were so successful. Google wants to break the App Store.”

The new format offered by Google runs away from what exists today in the market. The model of Apple, the App Store, makes mobile apps do not work that way. That’s because the iPhone maker makes money from the sale of applications. Thus, the mobile world has evolved to encourage the user to download an application.

Google Instant App
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