Greenify: Time to Save!


The Android community, as all we know, is a hotbed of new solutions in the application format. There is everything to all, and in quantities say industrial! People have so many choices you end up having tens, hundreds of apps on their smartphones. There is however a problem with it, however sufferers is then your phone, since performance begins to degrade. To relieve these pains, we bring an app, as our known, the Greenify, a friend of RAM and battery Androids. The proposal we have today is an application that aims to control those more daring applications running in the background, consuming resources and battery, even without being using.

Greenify is a developer’s app “oasisfeng”, which is part of our well-known XDA Developers. This application does not need root privileges, to identify and put into hibernation applications “naughty” when do not we use. In this way we prevent the same consume battery, network resources, RAM, etc., being in stand by until we open on purpose. This application includes a component of apps analysis that shows the installed applications that run persistent services, and those that start themselves on a regular basis (changes in network status, when you unlock the equipment, etc.). In order to facilitate this application gives us an initial suggestion (non-binding), about which apps should overwinter.

Summarizing, The Greenify runs a persistent service “Cleaner” to put the applications chosen hibernation, when they are not being used. This function is designed as a “lightweight” with an average consumption of RAM only 2MB and virtually zero battery consumption and CPU utilization, so making it a good option for those who have several applications installed and want to save hardware resources. We invite you to test this application and give your feedback because we are sure that given its innovative features and functionality directly related to the needs of the Android Users, this app will give that talk …

Greenify: Time to Save!
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