House GOP Leadership, Paul Ryan split on Trump: Supporting the Nominee?


This week, Paul Ryan, House Speaker, gets back to the Capitol to face a team that is split on whether to support Donald Trump or not, as well as how to exactly handle the presumptive Republican nominee and his presidential campaign.

Yesterday, we wrote about Ryan and his statement of not being ready to back his candidate Donald Trump, and the leadership structure broke down and created a split down to the middle over Donald Trump.

This Thursday, Trump is also going to Capitol Hill to help in this process, as he will meet supporters and talk to those who will want to listen, including a meeting with House Speaker and the leadership team of course.

According to two GOP aides, Trump is planning to huddle with McConnell at the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s headquarters, and both McConnel and his team pledged their support to the Republican candidate, but asking Trump to try to pursue a bigger sense of unity within the party.

Majority Whip Scalise and House Majority Leader McCarthy have also became Trump’s supporters and back the candidate, but show only a tepid enthusiasm, proceeding with caution.

McCarthy stated that his support is obvious because he said he would always support the elected Republic nominee, after Ryan questioned Trump’s credentials and stated he would hold his support by now.

On the other hand, Scalise said that it is vital that all Republicans unite so they can focus on defeating Hillary Clinton.

On the opposite side, Rep. Rodgers is siding with Ryan, and says that due to Trump’s religious liberty and minorities comment his is withholding his support as well. He leaves the door open to supporting the candidate though, saying he would like to have a conversation with Trump first.


House GOP Leadership, Paul Ryan split on Trump: Supporting the Nominee?
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