ISIS Broke Through the Peshmerga Lines: Navy Seal Killed in Iraq!

A complex attack was carried out by close to one hundred ISIS fighters, who coordinated an advance close to the north part of Mosul. The attack resulted in the death of a U.S. Navy Seal – as officials from the Pentagon confirmed.

Bulldozers, suicide car bombers, and a vast array of vehicles were used to pass a checkpoint at the front lines, to get to Peshmerga base, a place SEALS were temporarily at, advising and visiting, as US officials told CNN. Gunfire started in a battle that took place near Telskof, a town in northern Iraq.

The Kurdish who were fighting ISIS at Peshmerga were the ones being advised by the departed SEAL, as Press Secretary Cook confirmed in his declarations during this Tuesday.

Following the attack, the United States of America answered with 20 bombs from F-15s and drones, a US Official confirms.

Until the SEAL’s identity is made public, the rank won’t be specified, and the Pentagon will follow up with information as soon as the SEAL’s family has been notified. Regardless, the casualty is confirmed by the Defense Secretary Ash Carter added the death proves the serious fighting going on in Iraq.

On the other hand, Cook stated that this is only a painful reminder of the risk all women and men with a uniform are taking to destroy ISIL to end that threat, adding that a lasting defeat is what will honor these sacrifices.

President Obama has already been briefed on the death, while press secretary for the White House, Josh Earnest, shares the condolences to the service member killed.

Since the United States have deployed advisory forces to Iraq, this is the third combat casualty, as Marine Staff Sergeant Louis Cardin was killed in a rocket attack and Army Master Sgt. Joshua Wheeler was a fatality in a rescue mission.

ISIS Broke Through the Peshmerga Lines: Navy Seal Killed in Iraq!
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