Israeli Murderer Gets Sentenced to Life for Killing Palestinian Teenager!

An Israeli man, accused and convicting of the abduction and homicide of a Palestinian teen in 2014, was sentenced to life imprisonment and an extra of 20 years, closing the case on the Israeli and Palestinian spotlights.

The Jerusalem District Court had already rejected an insanity plea, and ruled that Ben-David, a 31 years old male, was responsible – together with two teenager nephews – of abducting Abu Khdeir of 16 years old close to his home at East Jerusalem.

The kidnappers took the young boy to the city’s outskirts, beating him and burning him to death in the dawn of the 2nd of July, 2014.

One of the teenager nephews was sentenced to life in prison in February, while the remaining kidnapper received a 21 years sentence because of his smaller role in the murder of the 16 year old victim. The man’s nephews’ identities were not made public since they were younger than 16 of age by the time the crime occurred.

The victim’s father demanded the Jerusalem Court to give the culprit that exact punishment.

Ben-David apologized to the victim’s family, claiming he wasn’t in control of his actions and that it wasn’t in his character to commit such an atrocious act, but at the end of the trial, Abu Khdeir’s family still cursed at Ben-David, accusing him of being racist according to several Israeli news entities.

Part of Ben-David’s sentence also included the punishment for the crime of attempting kidnapping of an 8 years old Palestinian boy the night before the successful kidnapping took place, but this kidnapping failed as the mother of the would-be victim struggled with kidnappers enabling the boy to escape.

The court also ordered Ben-David to pay the equivalent of $40.000 to the family of Abu Khdeir and close to $5400 to the family of the 8 year old boy.

Israeli Murderer Gets Sentenced to Life for Killing Palestinian Teenager!
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