What Do We Know from Prince’s Death?


Two weeks ago, Prince was found dead in his estate in Paisley Park, Minnesota, and since then there are a lot of rumors and stories about one of the world’s most talented musical artists.

William Mauzy, the legal representation of addiction specialist Dr. Kornfeld, stated that Prince had scheduled a meeting with his client Dr. Howard Kornfeld, and Minnesota police officials are now looking into this new information.

After this new information has seen the light of day, the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency joined the investigation, together with the U. S. Attorney’s Office.

There have been some reports that Prince died of an overdose, although this is just a speculation, now the rumors appear to have some more backing with federal officials joining the investigation.

Investigators have been looking for the singer’s cause of death since the morning of the 21st of April, and the autopsy’s reports are only expected in a few weeks.

Even though Prince had a reputation for a healthy lifestyle, he turned to the Jehovah religion, which may have barred him from proper healthcare since there are some taboos around Jehovah witnesses like blood transfusions.

The singer’s assistant, 25 year old Mariah Brown, told the Associated Press Prince didn’t even drink, and that he was a very healthy individual.

However, prescription drugs were found in Prince’s possessions in his home.

Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson has also filled papers stating the artist died without a will, and a Minnesota judge confirmed that fact, so his sister and half-siblings inherit his multi-million dollar estate.

Heirs Hunters International also reports a huge influx of supposed sons and daughters of prince, but one story seems to be interesting, where the man was born in the 80s while his mother crossed paths with Prince several times.



What Do We Know from Prince’s Death?
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