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Robotized parking is latest fashion in congested Chinese cities

The young Li Yan arrives in his car to a parking lot on the outskirts of Beijing, but rather than go around looking for a place, leaves the vehicle on a lift which will be automatically switched to a free place. The robotized car aims to make life easier in a city with little space. […]

Clean Energy is increasing

Renewable energy sources grew at record pace in the world in 2015, the year the first time the emerging countries outperformed the richest in investments in this area, according to the Renewables 2016 Global Status Report. Investments in wind, solar and hydro were also more than twice the amount invested in new plants of coal […]

No Man’s Sky Problems

Presented in December 2013, in Man’s Sky won the title game indie most ambitious ever and joined the list of most wanted games for consecutive years. It was expected for 2014, then 2015 and now leads to despair to those who wait for him for more than two years. The game features never before presented […]

Chicago Unemployment on the Rise:

The Unemployment rate for Chicago has been steadily rising, and April marked the 5th month of consecutive decreases of employment. On the other hand, the local economy and labor force is growing, and the numbers already hit an historic high, so the cause and effect paradigm should be checked as it may be one variable […]

The Next MacBook Pro: The New Apple Model is Nothing But New!

We have been seeing how Apple’s laptop updates have rolled on these past few years, and we can consider that the biggest part was incremental, but Tim Cook and his staff have big plans coming up for the current year of 2016 according to new research. The analyst behind the research is none other than […]

Facebook Groups News: A New Feature is Being Tested!

Facebook, the popular social media platform that has taken the world by storm, has always been known for the countless tweaks and feature adjustments throughout its history, and it is now preparing another one, this time for its “groups”. While for most people groups are somewhat a feature you only use when your friends invite […]

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