Mac Wins Desktop to Share with iPad

Apple announced on Monday (13) an update on MacOS –new name Mac OS X, the operating system of Mac– computers that includes the creation of a universal desktop for document sharing with iPhones and iPads.

“For 30 years we have learned to put things we’re working on the desktop –then we will make the desktop available to our other Macs, as well as for our iPhones,” Apple said during its annual conference developers, to justify the novelty.

With Universal Clipboard, you can copy iPhone contents and paste them in MacOS or vice versa. Just the documents to be shared are stored in this new area of work.

Apple has focused increasingly on this interaction to allow all their devices work together. The company considers the announcement today one passes ahead of what was already the iCloud storage environment in the cloud of Apple. There iCloud Drive 10 billion currently stored documents.

Another initiative in this line is the system of “Auto Unlock” in which a Mac can recognize the Apple Watch on the user’s wrist or fingerprint on an iPhone to unlock the system automatically, without the use of a password.

The Universal Clipboard was one of the most interesting features of the new package coming from the iOS ad 10, presented at WWDC, Apple’s annual event that took place on Monday (13), in the United States. MacOS has also been updated and will be called Sierra, with launch to autumn in the Northern Hemisphere (South Spring).

The Cupertino company also brought news to Siri, your personal assistant with voice recognition. The biggest one is that it will finally go to the MacOS, similar to what Microsoft did with Cortana and Windows 10. Siri icon will be on the Mac taskbar.

The assistant software has also been updated and will now interact with third-party applications that are not installed on the system (such as Facebook and Snapchat). This Google also announced earlier, with Google Now on Tap.

Another thing that Google did before and Apple ran today was the upgrade in your photo app. Your system now brings together the most interesting photos to certain times, such as “best of the weekend.” Something that Google Photos already do for some time.


Mac Wins Desktop to Share with iPad
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