Magic Mushrooms to Fight Depression

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A study at Imperial College London concludes that depression can be countered with a hallucinogenic substance present in mushrooms. The research included the presence 12 volunteers suffering from depression and that psilocybin was effective in combating the problem. Nine of the volunteers had major depression, while others were less severe. All had one thing in common: they had several treatments for the problems, but none has proven effective. One of the volunteers even searched about 11 forms of fight it and was not successful at all.

For the study, researchers began by administering low doses of psilocybin. Then the dosage increased, giving various mushrooms, an experiment that lasted about six hours (with the high point two hours after start). Beyond that substance, the volunteers were given psychological support and were placed in a tranquil setting with classical music. With this treatment, and using mushrooms, eight of the patients failed to present a depression.

“These experiments with psilocybin can be incredibly deep. Sometimes people have what they describe as mystical or spiritual experiences, “explains one of the authors of the study, Robin Carhart-Harris, quoted by the BBC. Side effects of depression were evaluated during the experiment, analyzing the levels of anxiety, nausea or headaches. And a week later volunteers to be evaluated, a reduction of these symptoms.

David Nutt of Imperial College study co-author, said that people suffering from depression, thanks to psicilobina showed great positive changes, as if the substance present in mushrooms work as “a mind lubricant” – capable of interfering with receptors brain that are linked to hormone humor. It remains to further study and increase the number of volunteers to confirm these results. Robin Carhart-Harris does not want to ensure, for now, that this is the “cure for depression.” Only after deeper tests the British researchers may come up with more solid conclusions.

Magic Mushrooms to Fight Depression
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