Maplink launches geolocation technology to map consumer habits


It would be nice if you could understand the movement of its consumers in the world, identify important occasions to communicate with them in an efficient and personalized manner and also understand their habits? It is what it promises to geolocation technology Findrix for Business, recently launched by MapLink, which crosses the location of people with more than 50 million points of interest in the world identified by the platform.

From a pre-arranged briefing, defining the points of interest to be monitored, the Findrix analyzes the movement of people to understand the movement behavior day to day. These data are obtained through polygons installed by cities and can be crossed with the user base that the contractor has in its mobile application.

A bank, for example, can get information about how many people attend its agencies or its competitors, and also receive real time the location of the users of your app. This data can transform the relationship between companies and their customers, as well as optimize the services offered.

“We want to help businesses be more effective in communicating with their consumers. By analyzing your movements, we can provide more consistent and relevant moments of interaction, “says Frederico Hohagen, Director General of Maplink.” Imagine that a bank may offer the unlocking for use of international card to discover that your client has just arrived at the airport, or a restaurant will offer a discount coupon for your client who has just entered the mall. The most important is that companies can optimize their services in timely and interesting moments for consumers, the focus of our offer is service and not be an advertising platform, “adds the executive.

Originally developed to meet the needs of the end user, the Findrix was a social network “messaging”, which automatically sends location messages without the need to checkins. With just over ten months on the market and a base of 400 thousand registered users, Maplink decided to incorporate and improve the technology to make available to market more innovative business solution for its customers.

Maplink launches geolocation technology to map consumer habits
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