Mass Effect: Andromeda Delay brings more quality to the game

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Bioware recently announced that the delay of the release date of the game Mass Effect: Andromeda, was necessary “to make sure we deliver the game just like it can and should be, with great intern quality”. The studio revealed that the new game to be released, Mass Effect Andromeda, would be displayed at the conference of EA, June 12, at E3 of 2015. But at the EA play, they announced the delay of the launch to 2016. Rumors about a possible delay in the release date would arise at the end of March of this year when an executive at EA suggested that the project was set to be released in fiscal Q4, between January and March 2017.

However, writing in the company’s blog, Bioware manager announced that the delay was decided to ensure that Mass Effect projects have internal quality standards.

“We have been playing the game in our study and we noticed that we took the right decision,” said general manager Aaryn Flynn. “We know we need a quantity of a certain time to ensure that surrender the game as it should be, it is our commitment So Mass Effect:. Andromeda will be released in early 2017”.

Flynn Also confirmed that the game, which now appears to be in its fourth year of development, will be showcased at the EA Play event of 2016, set to be held on the Sunday before E3 week. Elsewhere in the post of BioWare, the studio enumerates some PR angles on their next title.

Although the game already be created at any time, BioWare Montreal revealed some details about the same. Some trailers have suggested that the game takes place after the original trilogy, as the legacy of Shepard is referenced.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Delay brings more quality to the game
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