Microsoft Will Buy Linkedin


The purchase of LinkedIn is just the largest ever not the Redmond company is also one of the most relevant technology sector, and despite the increasing importance of corporate social network, which has over 433 million members, showed markets some surprise.

The initiative is a sense of Microsoft’s positioning strategy enlargement logic, that wants to be increasingly at the center of people’s lives and have seen some areas related to social networks, mobile phones and instant messaging go next. The price is that it is high.

With Satya Nadella to make a radical transformation of the company’s positioning created by Bill Gates, and trying to iron out some of the mistakes of the past, buying LinkedIn is the merger between the business component and the cloud, and the various contact tools and Microsoft CRM has already explored the connection to this social network.

In a statement Microsoft said that LinkedIn will retain its brand, culture and independence, keeping Jeff Weiner as CEO. The deal was approved by the management of both companies but is still subject to regulatory approvals. The deal was struck by the amount of 26.2 billion dollars, about 23.2 billion euros, and corresponds to the payment of $ 196 per share, about 173.5 euros.

The purchase stands out among the acquisitions made by Microsoft in recent years. The acquisition of Skype was the more substantial, for 8.5 billion dollars, followed by Nokia Devices by 5440 million, but the list there are others that can no longer remember, as Quantive, a company online advertising, and Mojang AB, Minecraft game.

Satya Nadella explained that this was a logical step for Microsoft and could accelerate the transformation of the LinkedIn social fabric throughout the Office. And the vision is to integrate the “professional life” and resume Linkedin with the Windows tools, Outlook, Skype and productivity Office, without forgetting the digital assistant Cortana.

With the official announcement Microsoft released a video of an “interview” the two CEOs and even a kind of infographics for those who have questions.

Microsoft Will Buy Linkedin
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