Mitsubishi: restore credibility is priority


The CEO of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn believes that restore the credibility of Nisan is the top priority, after the scandal of manipulation of tests, and the biggest challenge we will face. These comments come one day after Nissan has acquired 34% of Mitsubishi and assumed full control of the company.

The car manufacturer has reached an agreement with Mitsubishi to acquire 34% of the company and will pay 234,700 million yen (€ 1.91 billion) acquisition of the shares of Mitsubishi, wrote Thursday to Bloomberg.

Still, the leader of Nissan said it would not impose a new administration to Mitsubishi. Being that has 34% of the company allows you to appoint a third member to the board and to the person who will preside over this same advice.

Ghosn maintained that the CEO of Mitsubishi Motors, Osamu Masuko will continue to be the “pilot” of the company after the transaction is completed. The biggest challenge right now is to support Mitsubishi in its change and growth in order to become profitable and to restore its reputation, “Ghosn said.

The operation of the acquisition of over 30% is now pending for investigations, and the CEO of Nissan does not want to anticipate the results of those steps.

Nissan bought Wednesday it will buy Mitsubishi after reporting that the company was in the final negotiations. The second largest Japan automobile manufacturer will pay around 1.91 billion euros for the acquisition of its shares, and the whole process will make Goshn obtain control of the company. Last April 20, the company admitted the handling of emissions testing in at least 625,000 vehicles.

The company assumed that its staff changed the tire pressure during the fuel consumption tests these 625,000 units sold in Japan.

Mitsubishi: restore credibility is priority
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