New Cross-Atlantic Cable to Be Made by Microsoft and Facebook:


Facebook and Microsoft are going to team up to construct a new project named “MAREA” which consists of a high-speed undersea cable connection across the Atlantic Ocean.

This is a massive partnership for a massive project, and MAREA derives from the Spanish word for tide, as the project will span for over six thousand and six hundred kilometers below the waves connecting Bilbao, Spain, to Virginia Beach, United States of America.

From that point on it will also have networks in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

The MAREA undersea cable and the two titans partnering comes from a huge demand for fast and sturdy internet connections by Microsoft’s and Facebook’s customers, as the world now needs to have instant access to information.

The world is now evolving and reaching a point where it is becoming increasingly cloud based, and that’s why Microsoft states it needs to build a structure that can support that development with the least latency possible.

The global infrastructure will, Microsoft officials add, enable its customers to store, transmit and manage their data in the Microsoft Cloud, and the cable has capabilities to transfer over 160 Terabytes per second.

On the other hand, Facebook adds that it wants to connect people around the world further, and that it hopes that a project like MAREA will help to boost collaboration and efficiency, believing that only through these partnerships will more of these subsea cables be built.

This is a titanic project that will do wonders for people who are looking for better Internet connectivity and low latency and reliable connections, and though in the future we may hope for a wireless connection that transcends these cables, for now it is the best way to achieve it.

New Cross-Atlantic Cable to Be Made by Microsoft and Facebook:
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