New Lenovo Mobile will interact with the real world


The new phone Lenovo is the first to interact with the real world. The call Phab 2 PRO, released on Thursday (9), San Francisco (USA), is distinguished by technology Tango, Google, which is able to map the environment around you, creating interactive games and applications that “talk “with the environment.

The Phab 2 PRO will be sold globally from September for $ 499 dollars.

With QHD screen (1440×2560 pixels) 6.4 inch, the device is composed of no less than four cameras. At the front, an 8 MP to selfies and at the rear, the other three: a 16MP photo, another for capturing depth and last for motion capture, fundamental for 3D mapping of environments.

The device also has very robust specifications: 4 GB of RAM, Snapdragon 652 processor (octa-core 1.8 GHz) and 4050 mAh battery that promises more than 15 hours of continuous use. It also brings some very common features in Lenovo smartphones like fingerprint reader and high speakers Dolby Atmos audio –computer used in movie theaters.

Using Tango, the Phab 2 Pro works as a helper for simulations in the real world, using the device’s camera to, for example, measuring an area that will be a mobile to be bought, simulate how would the object in the environment or exchange environmental colors.

You can still play with a huge set of dominoes, explore planets, fend off alien invaders or feed a virtual dog from the phone. “In the future, we expect the Tango can help you navigate through a mall, for a museum or a place where you’ve never been,” said Google.

With 3D mapping and resources of Project Tango, Google and Lenovo “promise to make virtual reality and augmented as common as your smartphone GPS.”

New Lenovo Mobile will interact with the real world
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