Microsoft and Facebook will build a transatlantic submarine cable to increase the data transfer at high speed. The cable was baptized with the name Marea, and will connect the North American state of Virginia Spain and will be the broadband submarine cable with higher capacity so far. The two giants of the technology world seek to respond to a growing demand for high-speed Internet and data storage “in the cloud”. According to a statement released Thursday by the two companies at the outset, the cable will have 160 terabytes of transferability of data per second.

Microsoft has been offering more and more products that work “in the cloud” such as Office 365, Skype, Xbox Live and Microsoft Azure services.

The start of work on the new cable is expected already in August this year and it is expected que the Marea is completed in October 2017 moved the two companies in a joint statement. With an estimated length of about 6,600 kilometers, Marea will be the first cable connecting the United States to southern Europe and will be operated by Telxius, Spanish infrastructure arm phone, which will use part of the capacity to serve their own customers. The cable will be completed in October 2017 and will be ready to keep the Azure cloud and Facebook photos.

This collaboration between Microsoft and Facebook comes almost two years after Google has made an agreement with five Asian companies to invest about $ 300 million (€ 268 million) to develop and operate the Faster a transpacific cable linking US to Japan. Faster should be still operating this year, according to the news first reported by Reuters.


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