According to information released by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) on Thursday (2), the FBI is developing technologies for the recognition of tattoos, making possible leaks even more difficult offenders. The method consists of a can identify possible meanings of tattoos algorithm, in addition to recognizing elements that are connected to the investigated culture. The idea is that the system identifies religious, political, social and personal inclination, which means that the platform will not serve as a simple database. Thus, even tattoos shared by millions of people may be distinguished from a series of specifications that the technology will be able to capture. On the subject, the “tattoo recognition technology” can be understood as having the objective to find possible relationships between people who have similar tattoos, being able to determine “membership in gangs, subcultures, religious or ritualistic beliefs or political ideologies “. Although apparently be useful, scientists are developing the software should come across some ethical issues, of course, since religious groups are among the studied, and that tattoos with cross symbols, or even Jesus Christ are being investigated. The test period analyzed 15,000 images of detainees tattoos, and the next phase of the project is expected to work over 100,000 photographs. The big difference between the algorithm for identifying people and tattoo books used for law enforcement is that the algorithm can be used to automatically associate with criminals a specific tattoo or tattoos standards, regardless of context. The problem is that there is the risk that the tool is not 100% accurate and can connect people incorrectly based on body art, which may end up generating disastrous consequences.


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