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Trump’s Behavior with Women’s Story on New York Times Disputed:

The New York Times published a story in which Rowanna Brewer Lane painted Donald Trump, the Republican candidate to the White House, as inappropriate and even sexist, but the story as now disputed by that same source in an Interview this Monday. Lane even added to Fox News that the newspaper’s portrayal of how the […]

Sadiq Khan and the London Mayoral Election: The Victory

Sadiq Khan has just become London’s City Mayor after 8 years of conservative control, so the question remains on how did this man do it? A heavyweight politician, this slim man boxes at a club and has been punched verbally by several conservative opponents throughout the path to his election, as the conservatives shown arguments […]

Donald Trump: Facing Heavy Resistance!

Donald Trump’s facing some resistance from the inside as some party luminaries were thinking about the potential of a 3rd party bid while others said they would skip Trump’s nominating convention. On the other hand, senior lawmakers pondered on whether to endorse him or not this Thursday. Paul Ryan, House Speaker, stated he isn’t ready […]

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